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Electronic Scale Control Unit

Tradition Chemical Scale Control has been widely replaced by electronic methods in American and European countries nowadays.  Asia is rapidly falling behind and we, Fukada, have pledged to bring this innovation to our nation, simply because it saves energy, prolongs the life of your equipment and is better for our environment.


The U.S. Department of Energy has published a research report on this technology in 1998, titled " Non-Chemical Technologies for scale and hardness control-Technology for improving energy efficiency through the removal or prevention of scale", and the result is as followings:













In 2004 to 2005, we teamed up with the Department of Building Service Engineering of Hong Kong Polytechnic University to produce a report using strictly our technology and setup on our clients' sites.  The test lasted 1 year.  The result was very similar to the one above.  Also, the payback period was calculated to be very economical viable.

Copper / Silver Ion Generator

Currently, application of chlorine (C12 and CI02) is the most common water treatment in Hong Kong due to its low cost.  However, it releases hazardous byproducts such as cancer causing THMs, Chlorites, Chlorates and Halogens.  Copper/Silver ionization has been a replacement of chlorine not only because it is safe, odorless and maintenance free. it also works regardless of water temperature and PH level.  Therefore, it can be used in boiler systems as well.  However, it used to cost a lot more than chlorine.


Thanks to technological advancement and maturation of this technology, we managed to cut the most of our copper/silver generator to match traditional methods (including maintenance).  Copper silver ionization was developed by NASA and it has been using by Space Shuttles and accepted by many international organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency of USA.


The treated water is 100% consumable and odorless.  It can fully penetrate pipes; biofilm, including low-flow areas and dead legs to prevent legionella growth and it will not cause premature corrosion.

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Environmetal Focus services 

hybrid cooling system


Core Components of the System: 

Automatic solid/liquid separator 
Copper/ silver ions generator 
Water evaporator 
Recycled water system
Tailor-made Modifications to suit your budget and needs:

Filtration System

Scale  Control Unit Efficiency Water Evaporator Efficiency Control and Monitor System



Energy Management for Air-cooled chillers

Energy Management for Boiler SystemEnergy Management for Pumping SystemEnergy Management for Catering System


Automatic Filtration System

Water Filtration is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to solve equipment fouling and scaling problems caused by dirty water.  Heat exchangers, molds, pipes, tubing, sensors, monitors, and other parts become fouled when dirt particles in the water settle out on warm surfaces.  Calcium and magnesium are the bonding elements that cement the dirt onto the equipment.  Apart from calcium and magnesium, while the rest is made up of airborne particles such as rust, sand, biological organisms, and other contaminants.  Scale formation reduces the heat transfer rate and increases the water pressure between the heat exchanger and pipes.


Our filter is self cleaning and operates on line pressure alone, eliminating the need for an external power source.  As water passes through the water filter, the dirt particles are collected on the screen.  This causes a drop in water pressure.  When the pressure drop reaches a preset level, the cleaning cycle is initiated.  The screen cleaner aggressively suctions the dirt from the inside of the screen and flushes it out throughout the drain.

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